International youth think tank

In order to mobilize young people to catalyze a defense of the values ​​of the open society, the plan is to create a new organization in Gothenburg that combines the typical characteristics of think tanks and international youth conferences. This International Youth Think Tank brings together Europeans aged 18-24, and decision- makers in business, public institutions, and civil society. The think tank is intended to function as a supportive forum for young people where they can develop their projects, and a place for trans-generational meetings. The overall objective is to strengthen and support democracy and the open society, and to constitute an international platform for discussions on the conditions for future sustainable development and prosperity.

With Gothenburg as a starting point

Global Business Gate and The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg supports the project. With the planned inauguration in 2021, a milestone in the planning process is a youth conference this year on November 11-14. Through open advertising, around 30 European 18–24 year old enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds are welcomed. The conference discusses the open society’s challenges, the think tank’s coming activities, and propose the think tank’s name. The conference concludes with a fifteen-minute open seminar where the youth present their ideas, commented by the think tank’s international reference group members co-chair of the European Green party Monica Frassoni, Director General at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Jan-Olof Jacke, and EU-Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.


Exchanging ideas

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Flying project start in June!

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International Youth Think Tank Newsletter June 2019

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