IYTT: International youth think tank

Promoting a democracy movement among young people in Europe

Democracy and sustainable economic development benefit from belief in the future, sound knowledge, and critical thinking. Societies built on scientifically based knowledge and well-tried experience, active citizens, rule of law, vibrant cultural life, and independent media, promote growth, creativity, and diversity. Populism and nationalism threaten these values and sow seeds of mistrust.

Young people in Europe have grown up in an open society, and many affirm a multifaceted world where they can live openly according to their values and realize their dreams. With an innovative organized activity borrowing features from both think tanks and international youth conferences, the goal of IYTT is to promote a democracy movement among young people in Europe.

Entrusted with real-world challenges…

treated as equals, expected to deliver tangible proposals, and taking comments from executives, the youngsters have proved the establishing of a unique method during the pilot project period 2019–2020. The goal is now to go from pilot to full project, by propelling a second, third, and fourth group of democracy entrepreneurs. The approach is to organize annual youth conferences, and thereafter activate the participants as Youth Fellows. Through various skills-enhancing activities, the Youth Fellows will be trained and inspired, competence-promoted for their coming careers, and will represent IYTT in established partnerships, rallying new partners and sharing IYTT’s ideas as well as contributing new ideas to IYTT.


Speaking human rights to the Foreign Minister!

Today we proudly present the report from the Gothenburg Democracy Talk 30 November 2020: Facts, Norms and Human Rights,…

Speaking truth to power!

This movie clip is extracted from the Gothenburg Democracy Day 2020: Futures of Democracies: The Power of Citizens.…

Youth Fellows’ Video Displayed to a Global Audience

Today we proudly present the International Youth Think Tank video “Claim Agency, Reclaim Democracy. Building our Future…

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International Youth Conference November 16–19 2020

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