6th IYTT Youth Conference and Nobel Symposium

Stellenbosch, South Africa, 25-29 August 2024

You are bold and audacious. You are 18 to 28 years old. You look to the future. You do not accept the status quo. You want to change the world. Welcome to participate in a powerful encounter for change. This Nobel Symposium and 6th IYTT International Youth Conference is hosted at STIAS-Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, South Africa, on 25-29 August. Hope to see you there!

When too many people are unheard or excluded from decision-making, and authoritarian regimes work to cynically manipulate and roll back democratic processes, young minds are indispensable to inspire people and innovate democracy for a brighter future. Appalled yet strengthened in our resolve to stand up for equality, peace, and democracy, we invite 24 young persons to a five-day conference. We pay for traveling, lodging, and meals during your stay.

Together with your peers, you will discuss how to understand the ideal of democracy, and produce a dozen tangible policy proposals for democratisation, peace building, and democracy renewal. You are offered the opportunity to engage with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, research scholars, and executive professionals as part of a structured and moderated program. Your proposals are expected to be based upon verifiable evidence and they must be deliberated and developed in a collaborative space among equal peers. You will leave the conference trained in democracy entrepreneurship, with broadened knowledge, strengthened voice, enhanced network capacity, and new friends.

You apply by submitting a personal presentation and argumentation of why you should participate. Anyone living in South Africa by the time of the conference is welcome to apply. Apply below no later than May 15. Please help us spread the word by sharing this invitation with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. A PDF for spreading can be found here.

The 24 conference participants are selected based on an assessment according to three criteria. How convincing is the applicant that she/he: (1) will develop personally by participating in the conference; (2) has social capacities and experiences that would contribute to the conference; and (3) has ideas on democracy that would contribute to the conference. All applications are assessed individually by the conference’ four working group moderators, who jointly suggest 24 shortlisted applicants. The selection decision will be taken by the Scientific Organising Committee.

Scientific Organising Committee

Urban Strandberg (Convenor), Director & Co-Founder of the International Youth Think Tank

Heidi October (Co-convenor), Head at FVZS Institute for Student Leadership Development & Deputy Director: Leadership Centre for Student Life and Learning, Stellenbosch University

Christoff Pauw, Senior Programme Manager, STIAS-Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study

Olav Njølstad, Director, The Norwegian Nobel Institute

Apply for the 6th IYTT Youth Conference and Nobel Symposium

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