Gothenburg Democracy Talks: Spring 2024 Special Guest Series

15 February

Which are the key challenges of society today? Where are the cracks that let in the light? What can we learn at the intersections between sports activities, free speech, equality, and democracy?

In dark times when the values of an open society are exposed to pressure, there is a need to strengthen and reinvent democracy. This spring, we have invited some of the most brilliant and forceful in their respective fields as guests at the Gothenburg Democracy Talks. They will share their views on the key challenges of today. We will reciprocate with ideas and tangible proposals developed by the Youth Fellows of the International Youth Think Tank.

This lunch seminar series is organized by the IYTT-International Youth Think Tank, and the Department of Law at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, in collaboration with the student-led lunch event organizer Brännpunkt Europa. It is financed by Gustav Adolf Bratts föreläsningsfond.

Each talk will be started by an invited guest speaker, followed by comments and perspectives from a panel of IYTT Youth Fellows, and concluded by an open floor discussion. The talks are free and anyone is welcome to attend, on site at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, or online by way of live stream on our Youtube-channel.

19 March, 12.00-13.30
Sports and Social Cohesion

Carolina Klüft

Former elite athlete, operations manager Generation Pep, honorary doctor of medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Sports in Society: Personal Reflections from a World-Spanning Career.
Volvosalen, Vasagatan 1

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5 April, 12.00-13.30
Addressing Democratic Disenchantment

Folke Tersman

Philosopher, Uppsala University, Deputy Director at the Institute for Futures Studies
On the Decline of Democracy: Some Remarks About Causes and Possible Solutions.
Room E44, Vasagatan 1

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10 April, 12.00-13.30
Democracy’s Need for Truthfulness and Journalistic Safeguarding

Aslı Ceren Aslan

ICORN guest journalist and writer in the Municipality of Växjö.
The Place of Journalism in the Struggle for Human Rights in Turkey.
Volvosalen, Vasagatan 1

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26 April, 12.00-13.30
Revaluing Work Models and Monetary Measures

Roland Paulsen

Sociologist, Lund University
Unlocking Potential: The Promise of Technology in Reducing Work Hours.
Dragonen, Sprängkullsgatan 19

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