November 26

Youth Fellows’ Video Displayed to a Global Audience

Today we proudly present the International Youth Think Tank video “Claim Agency, Reclaim Democracy. Building our Future in Democracy”. The video is produced by our Youth Fellows Alex Shirreff, Fiona Melzer, Daniel Urqujio, Lisa Mastiaux, Yordanka Dimcheva, Franklin Hysneli, Francesco Bortoletto, Albin Touma, Fermín Lecanda Caro, Lisa Steinwandel, and Philippine Dutailly, who all participated in the inaugural IYC2019 – International Youth Conference 2019. The video conveys the gist of the proposals from the IYC2019, as presented in the final report Towards an open society.

The final report can be read here. The final presentation of IYC2019 can be viewed here.

The video had world premiere on Thursday November 19 when it was displayed in an exceptionally venue with global reach, namely within the International IDEA 25th Anniversary virtual conference “Democracy Now and Next”, with prominent participants from IDEA’s 33 member states representing all world continents.

My warmest thanks to the eleven fabulous Youth Fellows for your very inspiring efforts when producing a high-class video with such a strong message. Special thanks to Daniel and Fiona for coordinating the video production process, to Alex for editing the video, and to Daniel for composing music to the video. Finally, many thanks to International IDEA for inviting us to display the video within your 25th Anniversary virtual conference.