About the Youth Data


At the start of our annual International Youth Conferences the participants are eager and full of brilliant, yet undeveloped, ideas. After for four days of hard work they have become Youth Fellows of the IYTT with a collectively formulated agenda. The final presentations, commented by a distinguished panel of decision-makers, represent the climax of this transformation.

Final Conference Reports

Final versions of the conference reports are produced during the 2-4 months following the conference. They are a testimony to the dedication of our Youth Fellows, their loyalty to their own project, and their ability to keep developing, discussing and collaborating even while under the demands of everyday life.

Policy Briefs

The ideas of the International Youth Think Tank originates in our Youth Conferences and are developed through the Bottom-Up Policy Advise Loop, reaching their most advanced and refined expression in the final Policy Briefs, authored by the same group of people that started the process, the Youth Fellows. Thus the final destination in a journey started at the Youth Conference, the Policy Brief also marks the beginning of an even greater challenge, that of spreading and promoting these ideas in the forums of the open society, in the corridors of power, and among the general public. So to all of you: read, ponder and spread these ideas, together we can take democracy to the next level.

Preliminary Conference Reports

The bulk of the Preliminary Conference Reports are produced during the hectic conference week and released shortly thereafter. These texts are still raw and unfinished, the more polished versions are published a few months later as Final Conference Reports.

Working Papers

The IYTT Working Papers are the results of research commissioned by us, and are written by affiliated Research Fellows from different academic disciplines. Working Papers publish the result from overviews of the established knowledge in a specific academic field, that relate to one of the specific democracy promoting proposals that comes out from a youth conference. It is the commissioned researcher who delimit and carry out the research effort, but in a dialogue with the Youth Fellows.