July 9

Expressions of Empowerment

Arts for democracy competition

At the International Youth Conference 2020, the participants developed proposals on ways to sustain democracy in challenging times. The proposals are tangible and solution-oriented, touching on different walks of life. One thing they have in common is that they stem from one greater idea: that of an open and democratic society. The keyword that links all proposals together is empowerment.

Now, the floor is yours. Help us express the proposals with your creativity. The IYTT strongly believes in the transformative power of artistic expression. Our proposals are seeds: think about them, talk about them, and express them. Your participation in this competition matters. Take the chance to be part of a unique innovative venture that transform academically founded arguments into artistic expressions.

Submit your art piece interpreting one or several of our proposals (audio, video, photo, graphics, drawings, poetry, etc.) no later than September 13th. You may submit as many pieces as you like, presenting them one by one on our website. The winner of the competition shall have their art exhibited in renowned venues, and the first exhibition will be in Athens by the turn of the month September/October.

We're looking forward to see your work!

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