European Youth Panel

Our panel presently consist of 120 young persons from 32 countries. With their strong interest in the development of the open society, they provide a unique opportunity to probe the minds of the emerging informed citizenry. Where many barometers focus on political opinion, The IYTT European Youth Panel addresses political ideas and concepts, and gives young people the opportunity to challenge conventional attitudes that define current political leadership.
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Poll Results January 2022

Political Participation & Agency

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Question 1

How interested would you say you are in politics - are you…

Very interested. It is as simple as saying that even personal facts are influenced by politics. Politics are everywhere.

Question 1

Do you believe that the internet makes it harder or easier to access reliable information?

Harder. There might be lots of fake news, lies and misconception among the reliable information.

87,5% Easier12,5% Harder

Poll Results September 2021

The Importance of Truth

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Poll Results May 2021

Citizens' assemblies

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Question 4

Do you believe that citizens’ assemblies would increase trust and interest in political decision-making among the general public?

Yes, to the extent that they bring together a representative sample of the population, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, social class and place of residence, and in terms of attitude.

86% Yes14% No

Question 1

Would you support downplaying temporarily the importance of democratic decision-making and legitimacy founded on democratic representation in order to achieve quicker science- and expert-backed action to mitigate the climate change consequences?

Yes. We cannot wait for people to get educated enough or for them to care enough to react on something as important as this problem.

68% Yes29% No3% Other


Poll Results November 2019

Youth Panel Pilot

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