International Youth Conference 2022

21–24 November, Gothenburg, Sweden

We will give the conference participants one overall assignments: to develop their best arguments for why an open and democratic society provides the most desirable conditions that promotes a humane development of the world, and to come up with tangible proposals on how an open democratic society could be sustained in challenging times. Most of the time, the youths will hold their own meetings, guided by four moderators: getting to know each other, meeting specially invited inspirational lecturers and commentators, and working on their assignment.

Ending the last conference day, the youth will launch a preliminary report, and convey the gist of their proposals. The presentation, on 24 November (12.15 CET) is inaugurating the IYTT:s new event series Gothenburg Democracy Talks. The event is open for participation both on site in Gothenburg and online. If you want to recieve an invitation, sign up to our mailing list.

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