International Youth Conference 2023 Final Report

8 March

In November, we held our fifth anniversary International Youth Conference in Barcelona, European Capital of Democracy. The conference ended with 24 young democracy innovators presenting 12 trailblazing proposals for how to strengthen and reimagine democracy. Now, these proposals have been published in a full conference report. The authors’ introduction give an idea of the mighty scope of the project:

“In democracies around the world, we are witnessing an alarming surge in disengagement and discontent in democratic institutions – paving the way for dangerous authoritarian factions. As a consequence, citizens are feeling excluded from democratic policymaking with their needs not being met, voices not being heard and impact not being felt.

The IYTT’s 5th International Youth Conference, titled “From Engagement to Impact: Voicing Needs for Trust in Democracy”, aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice through discussions with one another, as well as on the streets of Barcelona. Crucially, we aim to empower communities, influence policymakers and nurture democratic governance at a local, national and global level.

Through this report, we want the reader to embark on a journey. We have created a path for democracy encompassing Democratic Foundations, Youth, Technology, Community Engagement and Workplace. Proposal by proposal, we offer the opportunity for every societal actor to be a leading advocate for change.”

Read the full report here.