Lindholmen Democracy Talks

The International Youth Think Tank strives to innovate democracy on the basis of sound knowledge and open discussion. We engage 18-24 olds from almost 40 countries. We invite decision makers, researchers, and professionals to inspiring meetings with our youth. Cherishing openness and a firm belief in every individual’s unique contribution, we welcome you to Lindholmen Democracy Talks at Älvrummet or online through Zoom. Lindholmen is a unique city district inhabited by high-school and university students, business people, politicians, researchers, and a wide array of professionals. Such a great variety of people and activities forms an ideal breeding ground for dynamic democracy talks.


Presentations will be at the very cutting edge of democracy innovation, and present ideas and proposals from our Policy Briefs, Working Papers, Conference Reports and results from our own barometer: the European Youth Panel. Occasionally we will also invite other presenters. We set off at least 15 minutes at the end of every event for questions and comments. If you are in the room, just raise your hand and share your views. If you are an online participant, or if you are in the room but hesitate to voice your opinion, use the Zoom chat function and let the moderator voice your ideas!

Thinking and discussing on an empty stomach is never a good thing. Therefore will the first thirty arriving at our lunch events be served a free sandwich and a beverage.

Warmly welcome to be part of a democracy movement for the future!

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