International Youth Conference 2020

November 16–19 – Gothenburg, Sweden

June 12

Sustainable movements for an open society – call open to our second annual conference!

Saddened by closed borders in Europe due to Corona and prepared to responsibly adjust to Corona-related requirements, we are more convinced than ever before about progress coming from the inspirational ideas and motivations of the young people of Europe. We are thus happy to announce that we hereby open up the call for applications to our second annual youth conference on November 16-19 at Visual Arena Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

If you are aged 18-24 and live in Europe, we entrust you with real-world challenges, and expect you to propose tangible solutions that inspire both prosperity and democracy – in other words, you will start to develop to a democracy entrepreneur!

Our inaugural annual conference held in November 2019 included intense discussions resulting in 10 visionary proposals for sustaining and vitalizing an open society. The participants came from 17 countries also voiced opinions on how to improve our mission, among which was a desire for sustainable ways of travelling to the conferences.

Since we strongly believe that people and ideas must travel to accomplish great things for humanity, we are thus excited to announce that our second annual conference will test and report new ways of combining and integrating various transport means for travelling to Gothenburg. Our overall goal is to promote sustainable ways for people and ideas to move across Europe in the future. Our specific goal is to determine CO2-emissions and keep down the hours spent on traveling.

If you are aged 18-24 and live in Europe, take the chance to join the movements that shows the ways towards a sustainable future of an open and democratic society. Apply no later than August 12.

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