June 26

Flying project start in June! Press conference, reference group inaugural meeting & conference applications from youth in 11 European countries

On Monday June 24, we summoned members in our international reference group to a first meeting in Gothenburg. As expected, the very experienced members of the group contributed invaluable ideas and suggestions to the continued planning of the think tank project. In the morning of June 24, we also seized the opportunity to give a press conference in which a handful of the reference group members participated. Finally yet importantly, we are also happy to note that we already have received 17 applications to our first youth conference on November 11-14. It is especially exciting that the applications comes from applicants in 11 countries spread over the European North, West-Mid, South, and East.

Video recording from the press conference June 24.

Rainer Münz, Lenka Rovná, Cecilia Malmström, Urban Strandberg, Pam Fredman and Dennis Andersson.