International Youth Conference 2019

November 11–14, Gothenburg, Sweden

We will give the conference participants three assignments: (1) develop their views on the values of open society and how they can be defended; (2) develop ideas on how the think tank can be organized to promote these values, and to be attractive to future youth conferences; and (3) come up with suggestions for naming the think tank. The youth conference will be embedded within Kvalitetsmässan, Europe’s largest conference and trade fair on organizational and social development. The majority of the time, the youths will hold their own meetings: getting to know each other, meeting specially invited inspirational lecturers, and working on their three assignments.

They will also report progress on their assignments in two pop-up occasions, receiving comments from Kvalitetsmässan’s visitors. Finally, the youth will be the main event in Kvalitetsmässan’s grand closure after lunch on November 14. The youths will hold a press conference and present what they have achieved regarding their three assignments, and receive comments from members in our International Reference Group.

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