September 10

IYTT goes to Athens – the cradle of democracy

We are very proud to announce that the IYTT has been invited to the annual Athens Democracy Forum (ADF), on September 29 – October 1. The Forum, arranged in association with the New York Times, includes a long and distinguished list of international speakers from art, journalism, academia, politics and business. Some 50-80 speakers and delegates will be meeting onsite in central Athens – among them IYTT Director & Co-Founder Urban Strandberg, and the IYTT Youth Fellows Philippine Dutailly and Fabian Wiek, whereas the lion’s share of the audience will participate online. This year the organizers ask the delegates and speakers for “real actionable ideas for the future”. Since this is exactly what our Youth Fellows at the IYTT specialize in, we look very much forward to participating. Our contribution, entitled “Tutorial: Youth and New Ideas for Participation and Information” is scheduled for the second day of the conference. Urban will give an overview of the IYTT method called the Bottom-Up Policy Advise Loop, Philippine will present our policy brief Addressing Democratic Disenchantment, and Fabian will present the policy brief Truthkeeping through Protecting Journalism. In addition, The IYTT will organize three side-events in connection to the ADF:

  1. A workshop with students from the Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLLA) in which we share our experiences from the Bottom-Up Policy Advise Loop
  2. A Citizens’ Panel with a local group of engaged Athenians, receiving feedback on our two policy briefs
  3. A first version of the Expressions of Empowerment art exhibition in a public venue, where the local public also has the possibility of submitting contributions

To join us at the Athens Democracy Forum, register here.