Power to the People? – Lindholmen Democracy Talks on Citizens’ Assemblies

Citizens are increasingly disengaged with democracy. Some see politicians not as representatives of the people, but rather as a distant, self-sustaining elite. Can randomly selected groups of people in the form of citizens’ assemblies breathe new life into democratic institutions?

The beating heart of democracy is found in open and equal encounters. In ancient Greece, meetings and  deliberations between citizens took place in the cherished open space called the agora. We at the International Youth Think Tank (IYTT) want to bring a contemporary version of the agora to the neighborhood at Lindholmen. In that spirit, you are warmly welcome to the first in our lunch event series!



Urban Strandberg (Director & Co-Founder IYTT)

Opening Remarks
Tord Hermansson (CEO Lindholmen Science Park)
Cecilia Malmström (Former EU Comissioner for Trade, Co-Founder IYTT)

Current Youth Attitudes
Erik Toshach (Assistant Fellow IYTT)

Latest Research
Jon Geib (Research Fellow IYTT)

Policy Proposal
Lisa Mastiaux (Youth Fellow IYTT)

Open Floor Discussion
Questions, thoughts and reflections.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Lindholmen Democracy Talks. However, due to current restrictions we can accept no more than 25 participants on site. Please register below to attend the event.

The attendees at Älvrummet will be treated with a sandwich and soda!


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We are sorry to say, that the maximum capacity (25) of the physical event has been reached. We hope that you understand the importance of a safe meeting. You are welcome to register for online attendance instead.

Contact us at iytt@lindholmen.se if you have any questions!

Best Regards,
Erik Toshach
Assistant Fellow – IYTT

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