December 22

Speaking human rights to the Foreign Minister

Today we proudly present the report from the Gothenburg Democracy Talk 30 November 2020: Facts, Norms and Human Rights, which we organized together with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the high-school ISGY-Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium. The report contributes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Drive for democracy and Democracy Talk projects. See the Gothenburg Democracy Talk program here!

The report is produced by the twelve ISGY-students Sara Kårlin, Anna Jacobsen, Mons Hovde, Sofia Bergholtz, Gustaf Häntak, Felix Malmström, Edvin Johansson, Emilia Barisa, Thea Bodestig, Ebba Heitzmann, Moa Hermansson, and Klara Larsson.

The general objective for the democracy talk was how schools can teach about human rights to achieve broad support behind the rights as well as a potential to stand up critically for the observance of rights. Opening words were delivered by Ann Linde, Minister of Foreign Affairs, followed by a Q&A-session. The overall thrust was the ISGU-students discussions in two groups, moderated by the IYTT Youth Fellows Lina Arvidsson, Fermín Lecanda, Lisa Mastiaux, and Petter Rodebjer.

IYTT international reference group members Pam Fredman and Cecilia Malmström, as well as deputy director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Johan Hallenborg, contributed comments to the ending slide presentations.

My warmest thanks to you twelve fabulous ISGY-students for your very inspiring ideas and strong messages! Many thanks to our IYTT Youth Fellows for an excellent group moderation seeing too an engaged conversation in which every individual had an equal say. Finally, many thanks to my dear collaborators Johan Hallenborg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Henrik Nilsson, teacher at the ISGY.

Read the Gothenburg Democracy Talk report here!