November 27

IYC2020 preliminary report handed over to the Swedish Democracy Committee

Today we proudly present a video which display how the conference participants Jouman Tafnkji and Sara Löwgren hands over the IYC2020-International Youth Conference’s preliminary report to the head of the Swedish Governments’ Democracy Committee, Peter Örn.

The video starts with Peter Örn sharing his visions and enthusiastic hopefulness for the future of an open and democratic society, from watching the slide-showed ten minutes concluding presentation of the IYC2020. Just prior to the conference report handing over, Lindholmen Science Park’s CEO Tord Hermansson, and I undersign the “Democracy Declaration”, jointly with Peter Örn. This whole event was live streamed from Visual Arena Lindholmen to the Gothenburg Democracy Day 2020: Futures of Democracies: The Power of Citizens. Facts, Stories, Visions, which ran over Zoom on November 19.

The Gothenburg Democracy Day 2020 was organized by the IYTT, and the University of Gothenburg through V-Dem, in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland to Sweden, International IDEA, the European Democracy Foundation, the City of Gothenburg, and the Swedish Museums of World Culture.

My warmest thanks the 22 participants and three co-moderators of the IYC2020, the Gothenburg Democracy Day organizers’ group, Visual Arena Lindholmen, Swedish Democracy Committee, and Lindholmen Science Park. Special thanks to Peter Örn for overwhelming personal engagement in the IYTT. Finally, very special thanks to Jouman and Sara for your gracious, audacious, and proficient representation of the IYC2020.