International Youth Conference 2022

November 21-24 – Gothenburg, Sweden

6 May

For Democracy & Against Authoritarianism – Call to our Fourth International Youth Conference!

The International Youth Think Tank was founded three years ago, with the expressed purpose of promoting open society and stemming the rising tide of authoritarianism. This spring, with the Russian assault on Ukraine, matters took a turn for the worse and democracy is now under siege by the corrupt and increasingly totalitarian Putin regime.

As always, we refuse apathy and pessimism, yet again strengthening our resolve to promote the voices and leadership of the youth of Europe. With determination and pride, we hereby open up the call for applications to our fourth annual youth conference on 21 to 24 November at Visual Arena Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

Our last three annual conferences produced intense discussions and resulted in visionary proposals for sustaining and reinventing an open society. The work on these proposals is continuously ongoing through the process we call the IYTT Bottom-Up Advise Loop, driving research and deliberation in the International Youth Think Tank and in our networks.

You who are 18 to 24 years of age and resident in Europe – let us entrust you with the challenges of our world, and help you to develop actionable proposals that inspire prosperity and democracy – take the opportunity to start your development as a democracy innovator! As a participant in the conference, you will be given the opportunity to stay on in the think tank as one of our Youth Fellows to develop your ideas and present them at high-profile international events.

Take the chance to take the lead towards a sustainable future and an open democratic society.

Apply no later than 16 August.

International Youth Conference 2022

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