The Art

of Democracy

June 16

The IYTT is proud to announce the launch of a new scene for artistic expressions of democracy.

Under the slogan The Art of Democracy, we strive to encourage and showcase the unbounded originality and aesthetic expressiveness of our Youth Fellows. These creative actions will be exhibited here on our website and, whenever opportunity arises, in physical forms.


On this the opening day of the IYTT Art of Democracy selection, we have the three items to present.

The first is a video created by Youth Fellow Franklin Hysneli before he even attended the first European Youth Conference in 2019 – as part of his application. As such, it shows us that even just preparing for deliberative activities begs an aesthetic expression.

The second, is the sculpturing-deliberating performance called “The Cell”, which was created, and exhibited by our international youth conference participants at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre on 11-14 November 2019. If the ideas from the conference is the product of collective intelligence, this is the creative counterpart.

The third, finally – also a video, was produced by the 2019 group of Youth Fellow’s for the International IDEAs 25th anniversary conference. It gives us the gist of the 2019 conference findings in a way that appeals to our hearts as much as our minds.