Save the date – September 3

June 17

Lindholmen Democracy Talks premiere!

The beating heart of democracy is found in open and equal encounters. In ancient Greece, meetings and  deliberations between citizens took place in the cherished open space called the agora. We at the IYTT want to bring a contemporary version of the agora to the neighborhood at Lindholmen. In that spirit, you are warmly welcome to our new public lunch event series Lindholmen Democracy Talks, taking place at Älvrummet, Lindholmen Science Park, as well as being live streamed.

Lindholmen Democracy Talks brings the think tank’s democracy innovations before the public eye. Presentations will be at the cutting edge of current debate, with ideas and proposals from our Policy Briefs, Working Papers, Conference Reports, The Art of Democracy projects, and results from our barometer the European Youth Panel. Occasionally we invite guest speakers.

Lindholmen Democracy Talks are open to everyone. Young, old, decision-makers, citizens, experts, laymen – if you work or study at Lindholmen or are just passing by, we welcome you to attend in person – if you are in another part of the world, to join us online.

Lindholmen Democracy Talks are dynamic and engaging, dedicating at least 15 minutes at the end of every event to questions and discussion – and also, inviting to interactive polls during the events.

Lindholmen is a unique city district inhabited by high-school and university students, business people, politicians, researchers, and a wide array of professionals. Such a great variety of people and activities forms an ideal breeding ground for dynamic democracy talks.Thinking and discussing on an empty stomach is never a good thing. We treat the first 30 participants to a free sandwich and soda.

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Welcome to the heart of democracy!

Autumn 2021 Programme

September 3,

Power to the People?

Reinventing Democracy in Citizens’ Assemblies

Citizens are increasingly disengaged with democracy. Some see politicians not as representatives of the people, but rather as a distant, self-sustaining elite. Can randomly selected groups of people breathe new life into democratic institutions?

October 6

The Importance of Truth

Journalistic safeguards and corporate responsibility

In an age when news travels fast and sometimes unchecked, factual integrity is more important than ever. At the same time, legal and physical threats looms large over journalists worldwide. Can the global community unite on necessary measures and safeguards?

November 25

International Youth Conference 2021 Presentation

Reporting from the third conference

Every year the IYTT summon 18-to-24 olds living in Europe to a visionary, yet solution-oriented discussion on the challenges and opportunities of democracy. Results from previous conferences have astounded us. We expect nothing less this year.