Higher Education: For the Elite or for Everyone? – Gothenburg Democracy Talks

Participation in higher education is very much dependent on social, economic, and geographic circumstances. What does it take to tackle these inequalities and democratise higher education for real?

This Gothenburg Democracy Talk seminar will present novel findings from a research overview, the results from a recent IYTT Youth Panel survey, and a brand new IYTT Policy Brief proposing mandatory career guidance to widen participation in higher education. The presentations will display and problematize the goals, the strategies, the problems, and the possible ways forward to towards widened participation in higher education. To challenge the presentations have we invited a four-headed commentators’ panel. Also, we hope that you, the audience, will bring your best questions and reflections and join us in the concluding Q & A.

The event is part of the IYTT public lunch event series Gothenburg Democracy Talks, at the School of Business, Economics & Law, Vasagatan 1, Gothenburg, “SEB-salen”. If you are unable to attend in person you may join us online. Please register below.

The 30 first attendees at SEB-salen will be treated to a sandwich & soda!



Welcome & Introduction
Urban Strandberg, Managing Director IYTT

Widening Participation and Career Guidance: Filling Quotas or Enabling and Empowering?
Erik Toshach, Assistant Fellow IYTT

IYTT Youth Panel Results
Hardev Singh Grewal, Youth Fellow IYTT 

Policy Brief: High School Career Service and Mentorship Programme
Mathes Rausch, Youth Fellow IYTT 

Commentators’ Panel
Ulf Dalnäs, Vice Dean for Collaboration, Artistic Faculty, University of Gothenburg.
Michael Gruber, Director of Studies, and Deputy Head of department with educational responsibility, School of Architecture, Umeå University
Mimmie Håkansson, International Administrative Officer, International Centre, University of Gothenburg
Malin Persson, Board professional with a background in global business with a focus on research, innovation and strategy

Q & A


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Feb 10 2023


12:00 - 13:00


School of Business, Economics & Law, Gothenburg


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