Populism Losing Ground – Lindholmen Democracy Talks

Inviting Cambridge’s Centre for the Future of Democracy to present the latest research on political attitudes.

The covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on democracy. The very latest research shows, that populistic ideas have lost ground, and that there is an increased support for political decision-making based on expert knowledge. At the same time, faith in democratic institutions remains low, after a decades-long decline. To some extent, increased confidence in technocracy is accompanied by a greater support for freedom-restricting policies.

The International Youth Think Tank is happy to welcome Xavier Romero Vidal, Research Associate at the Centre for the Future of Democracy of the University of Cambridge, who will be presenting the very latest research on public opinion from a global mega-dataset of over half a million people. The IYTT, in turn, will be presenting our own Youth Panel on political participation & attitudes.

With this as a starting point, we will engage in a discussion on the future of democracy: Are democratic institutions sufficiently equipped to represent the will and the values of the people – of young people especially? How can democracy deficits be addressed, and what is the role of organizations like the IYTT in such a process?

Everyone is welcome to attend the Lindholmen Democracy Talks. Please register below. The attendees at Älvrummet will be treated to a sandwich & soda!



Welcome & Introduction
Urban Strandberg, Managing Director IYTT

Youth and democracy: from dissatisfaction to depolarization
Xavier Romero Vidal, Centre for the Future of Democracy, University of Cambridge

World Value Studies and the IYTT European Youth Panel compared
Erik Toshach, IYTT

Panel Commentary
IYTT Youth Fellows Greek Emma Sougli (IYC2021), British Alexander Shirreff (IYC2019) & Italian-Colombian Francisco Jose Lopez Velez (IYC2020)

Open Floor Discussion


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Feb 23 2022


12:00 - 13:00


Älvrummet, Lindholmen Science Park


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