Two Chairs is All it Takes

Experiences from talking democracy in 17 European cities.

Two chairs in the street facing each other. In one of them an IYTT Youth Fellow, passers-by invited to take the other. A handful of simple questions designed to probe the hearts and minds of the people. The Open Chair Democracy Talks can be performed anywhere, anytime, and by anyone – a simple concept that has the power to make a difference, giving both the participants and ourselves new perspectives.

In a recent weekend-long campaign, we talked to people in 17 European cities, and one in the USA, about their hopes and fears around democracy, their perceived opportunities, and their needs for empowerment.

This lunch event presents the method of the Open Chair Democracy Talk, and share our experiences from meeting hundreds of people – discussions of the challenges and possibilities of the open society as perceived from street level.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Lindholmen Democracy Talks. Please register below. Complimentary sandwich & soda for the attendees at Älvrummet!



Welcome & Introduction
Urban Strandberg (Managing Director IYTT).

What is an OCDT?
Short film by Michele Castrezzati (IYTT Youth Fellow) .

Live on Stage Open Chair Democracy Talks
Youth Fellow Michele Castrezzati talks to a high school student from the nearby high-school Polhemsgymnasiet and to Blerta Hoti (local politician, member of the executive commitee for the City of Gothenburg).

The Spring 2022 OCDT campaign
Urban Strandberg

Commentary and Analysis
Victoria Portnaya (IYTT Youth Fellow).

Panel Discussion
With Michele Castrezzati, Blerta Hoti and Johanna Lind, (Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Sweden in Madrid).

Open Floor Discussion




Apr 20 2022


12:00 - 13:00


Älvrummet, Lindholmen Science Park


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