May 17

The Think Tank-project reaches out to the West Sweden-China business community

Gothenburg has a century long tradition of industrial activity and trade with global reach, as well as a socio-liberal democracy and community spirit, where business and communal interests have collaborated historically as well as presently in joint efforts to promote research, higher education, culture, and a social citizenship, to foster democracy and wealth-creating entrepreneurship. The Global Business Gate project embodies this Gothenburg spirit in its bold effort to become “a natural forum for international commerce”, and – not the least – in supporting the International Youth Think Tank project. On May 17 and held at Lindholmen Science Park, Global Business Gate Day #3 focus on West Swedish and Chinese trade and finance. We are very happy that The International Youth Think Tank project is included in the program, and thus will have the opportunity to reach out with our ideas to the West Sweden-China business community.

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