IYTT Youth Fellows discusses democracy with legendary Madeleine Albright!

May 28

In recognition of the ongoing 100-year jubilee of Swedish democracy, we organize a 90-minute online event on July 7, in collaboration with Athens Democracy Forum, International IDEA, and the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium.

Swedish foreign minister Ann Linde will introduce the event and a keynote speech will be delivered by Madeleine Albright, former U. S. Secretary of State. The purpose of the summit is to discuss the aspects, challenges and opportunities that modern democracies face, seeking solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The event convenes prominent experts, policymakers, practitioners and academics from around the world. We are very proud to see our very own Youth Fellows Julia Strandquist and Daniel H. Uruijo among the speakers! Daniel will present the citizens’ assemblies’ policy brief which is currently written by the IYC2019 Youth Fellows, and Julia will present the global charter for truth policy brief which is currently written by the IYC2020 Youth Fellows.

Both policy briefs are substantiated by the recently published IYTT Working Papers, Dynamics of instituting mini-publics for a more participatory democracy, written by the American postdoc Jonathan Geib, and A Global Charter for Truth: Social Epistemology for the Internet Age (coming soon) written by British postdoc Joshua Habgood-Coote.

Daniel’s and Julia’s presentations are launched by the heading “Restarting Democracy – New Ideas for Participation, Accountability and Information Integrity”.

The Almedalen Democracy Summit is part of the Almedalsveckan (Almedalen Week) running as a virtual event from July 4-7.

Open registration for the Almedalen Democracy Summit can be found here.