Expressions of Empowerment

September 24

An exhibition of artistic interpretations of democracy

The International Youth Think Tank (IYTT) is a Gothenburg-based initiative mobilizing youth towards the aim of promoting a democracy movement based on open society values.

Youth participating in IYTT’s annual International Youth Conference in 2020 developed eight tangible proposals to sustain an open and democratic society in today’s challenging times.

The theme of empowerment links each proposal: empowering people through supportive governance, information, and participation.

To expand the ideas and spread the message further, the IYTT announced an open call for artistic interpretations of the proposals. The call was open from June 9 through September 13.

Of the 26 pieces submitted by people from all over the world—in a wide range of artistic forms—, 11 pieces have been selected for Expressions of Empowerment.

The spirit of the call, however, extends beyond the present collection: the proposals presented by the IYTT are seeds, starting points for your further reflections, discussions, and expressions concerning democracy, contemporary challenges, and path-breaking ways forward.

Curators: IYTT Youth Fellows Michele Castrezzati, Larissa Möckel, Mirjam Vallström, Fabian Wiek, and Yassine Ben Yacoub, and IYTT Managing Director & Co-Founder Urban Strandberg. Producers and Editors: JOHFORS PRODUCTIONS. Executive Producer: IYTT Managing Director & Co-Founder Urban Strandberg. Music: Jaden Raso

The digital exhibition opened 1 October at the Athens Democracy Forum and is now available here. You can also watch it below!