Youth Fellows on demand!

September 26

The ideas of the IYTT and our methods for developing them are finding new audiences, a testament to the fact that the work we do resonates with people in politics, business and civil society.

Over the last few months, the IYTT has received many requests for collaborations by various organizations. Our Youth Fellows are especially in demand – contributing to a wide range of national and international events and conferences. We broaden our involvement and widen our network; doors are opening to our Youth Fellows, their hard work is recognized and they are given the opportunity to make themselves heard.

We have previously mentioned our participation in the Athens Democracy Forum 29 September – 1 October. Our second day presentation was delivered by IYTT Director Urban Strandberg together with Youth Fellows Philippine Dutailly and Fabian Wiek. It was very well received by the conference and is available here.

The week before, at the annual Gothenburg Book Fare, Youth Fellow Lisa Lundgren participated in a live-streamed seminar on media literacy entitled 100 lessons for a strengthened democracy hosted by The Swedish Media Council.

At the European Parliament Youth Event (EYE) on 7 September, Lisa Lundgren, together with Youth Fellow colleague Petter Rodebjer, lead the online workshop Speaking truth to power – developing a sharp policy proposal. The workshop was honored by the special appearance of Swedish EU-minister Hans Dahlgren.

Lisa and Petter lead a similar workshop, Speaking truth to power: How to promote a policy proposal on October 13. This was within the ACT NOW Local Changemakers webinar series hosted by the Innovation in Politics Institute of Vienna.

The Future of democracy summit at Lindholmen Science Park 20-21 October, saw the appearance of Youth Fellows Jouman Tafnkji, Lisa Lundgren, and Petter Rodebjer. The Youth Fellows kept records during the roundtable discussions and, forming a special panel, provided reflections on the issues discussed. Furthermore, Youth Fellows Michele Castrezzati, Philippine Dutailly, Francisco Jose Lopez, Julia Strandquist, and Fabian Wiek contributed 1-minute reflective videos serving as thought provoking interludes in the proceedings. IYTT Director Urban Strandberg took part of the conference as roundtable moderator.

At the Volvo Tech Show on 26 October, 14.00-16.30, Youth Fellows Ergys Brocaj, Fabian Wiek, Lisa Lundgren, Lisa Mastiaux, and Petter Rodebjer, together with IYTT Director Urban Strandberg appear under the heading “IYTT catalyzing future ideas”.

Finally, on 28-29 October (14.40-15.40), Youth Fellows Lina Arvidsson and Fermín Lecanda will be moderating a Stockholm International Democracy Talks (SIDT), 2021 under the heading ‘Young people’s engagement in democracy’.